Successful Hong Kong RGC General Research Fund Applications of Center Affiliated Researchers

In the recently announced grant application outcomes released by Hong Kong Research Grant Council, four researchers affiliated with the Hong Kong – Shenzhen Finance Research Center (HSFRC) have received a total amount of 2.1 million HKD research grant in a fierce competition where only 130 out of 345 applications in the business study panel are successful. In these applications, Prof. Michael Zhang, the co-director of the center, proposes to examine how tourists are different from locals when they generate online ratings and explore possible mechanisms underlying the tourist bias. Prof. Ling Cen, the associate director of the center, plans to investigate the determinants of supply chain coordination in human capital investment and its impact on firms in important supply-chain relationships, their employees and investors, and regulators. Prof. Zhenyu Gao, an executive committee member, aims to study how the dynamics of housing markets affect people’s trading behaviors as well as the stock prices in the Chinese equity markets. The research proposal of another executive committee member, Prof. Jing Wu, focuses on the labor structure in terms of the skills captured from online job postings and studies how various skills would impact a firm’s future operating and stock performance. The successful outcome of RGC grant applications has demonstrated the strength and reputation of researchers affiliated with the center and the allocated research grants will enable them to advance the state of scholarship in promising research fields.

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